This game taught me a lesson today...

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User Info: natedude0903

4 years ago#1
I always read all these topics about how hard Hyperious (sp?) is and I just laughed. I just kept thinking that everyone just had trouble killing him due to lack of skill/good equipment.

Fast forward to today. I finally got to beat the Pirate DLC (mostly). I proceeded, extremely cocky, to Hyperious' lair, prepared to kick his ass. I walk in and start shooting as soon as his health bar appears. I took down a small tick of health and thought, "this isn't so bad".

5 seconds later, after I get hit with some shockwave attack and a missile, I found myself short 6 million dollars and completely demoralized.

Lesson: don't underestimate this game and the community. :(
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User Info: kungpaomatthew

4 years ago#2
Yeah, the DLC bosses scale to 4 player difficulty regardless of the amount of players.

User Info: BigJohnWV

4 years ago#3
Its funny but I was able to destroy Hyperious on the first try. Now I've yet to beat the other raid bosses but this guy I had some trouble with but threw out my nuclear turrent, destroyed his bots and was able to kill him within a minute.
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  3. This game taught me a lesson today...

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