#1NightmareNigntPosted 1/24/2013 8:52:13 AM
Who wants to trade?
I have plenty of stuff.
3 Characters full of legendary and Rare with red text.

What is it everybody is after?

Message Okie Doki Loki
#2DONALD8771Posted 1/24/2013 9:03:11 AM
I'm looking for any legendary mods you may have. I also have a bunch of loot if you are looking for anything. GT:DONALD87
#3NightmareNignt(Topic Creator)Posted 1/24/2013 9:08:18 AM
Here's a list everything I currently have on this account that I can trade/dupe. There are some rules though. No freebies. You dupe/trade to me first. Simple enough? Please try to pick things from a single character as well just to make things easier. :)
Here we go. )I'll only list Legendaries. Ask for anything else.

Stiff Unkempt Harold x2
Pertinent Norfleet (Corrosive)
Dastardly Maggie
Rustlers Striker
Right sizing *****
Bullets go Fasterfied Slagga
Severe Sherdifier (Shock) x2
Restructing Conference Call (Corrosive)
Critical Conference Call (Slag)
Avuminous Hellfire
Gromky White Death (Shock)
Skookum Skullmasher
Bad Touch Flakker (lvl 30)
Neogenator Shield (86%)
Grounded Bee (42k)
Legendary Bezerker
Legendary Hunter
Homing Storm Front
Sticky Longbow Quasar
Lobbed Bonus Package

Redundant Logans Gun
Purging Infinity (Corrosive)
Mudering Slagga
Moscovite's Mongol
Surgical Pitchfork (Slag)
Stotic Emperor (Shock)
Conference Call (fire)
Hammer Buster
Sledge's Shotgun (Shock)
Parataxis Norfleet (fire)
Baby Maker
Conference Call (Corrosive)
Sham (94%)
Grounded Hide of Terra
Flame of the Firehawk
The Bee (40k)
Legendary Siren
Homing Fire Bee
Blood of Terra
Lobbed Bonus Package
Kawaii Killer and Till death do us part Heads.

Invader(lvl 46)
Deliverance (Fire)
Conference Call (Corrosive,Fire,Slag)
Caustic Infinity
Permasharp Baby maker
And more... Ask if interested.

GT: Okie Doki Loki
(If you get reference full character inventory Dump.)
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I also have Rough Rider Shield, Evil Smasher, and Most Seraph Weapons.
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#6NightmareNignt(Topic Creator)Posted 1/24/2013 10:10:53 AM
I still feel like trading.
#7Autumn_OfferingPosted 1/24/2013 10:25:44 AM
got a topneaa?
#8NightmareNignt(Topic Creator)Posted 1/24/2013 11:07:04 AM
Autumn_Offering posted...
got a topneaa?

No, I don't care for Rocket launchers much besides the bada boom and Pyrophobia.