LF a few things won't be on till 7, but I'd like to get a list of ppl now

#1minsterXYZPosted 1/24/2013 1:16:49 PM
Im bored and get out of class around 7. Then Im gonna head to my friends house to play some BL2. I really need a few things and was hoping some one would have and would be willing to trade me.

I need Lv50
An elemental Shredifier
An elemental Infinity
A DP Unkempt Harrold
An elemental Hawk Eye
An elemental Sandhawk
A Slag O-negative or a slag Kissof Death
2 Legendary Soldier class Mods
Legendary Gunzerker Class Mod
Blood of the Seraphs
Might of the Seraphs
Elemental Deliverance
Multiple Conference Calls so I can have one on all my characters. ( I have Slag and no element )

For trade I have a ton of lower level good gear. Some lv 50s. Ask and Ill look. (Also have E-techs)
Gamertag xXGunx4xH1R3xXx