Hammerlock DLC Question

#1olan231Posted 1/24/2013 4:03:23 PM
So I've done some looking around online at the Big Game Hunt, it looks pretty good. I just want some player reviews before I decide if it'll be worth it. So, hopefully no spoilers will be posted so no one else get's the experience ruined.

What, so far, is the best feature of the DLC, and what's your worst? Is there any loot you've found that you'd call decent or a keeper? How are the raid bosses? Overall, are you happy?

I think these simple questions might help other players, like myself, decide to buy the DLC, and any input would be much appreciated.
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#2smurfsn1p3rPosted 1/24/2013 4:15:14 PM
My favorite feature is that FIre weapons are very effective again. Haven't used one since I entered TVHM.

Cataclysm Siren build Will be great because of all the staus effects.
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