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2 years ago#31
A shock and corrosive infinity and a Trespasser?
2 years ago#32
permission to use your line "What you want"
2 years ago#33
Lf lvl 20-25 legendary class mods for siren mechro and assassin.
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I'm on one.
2 years ago#34
Baron by any chance? I'll pay or trade
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2 years ago#35
I am currently seeking an Infinity (Lv 50, fire preferably), Sand Hawk (Lv 50), and an Evil Smasher (any level). Got any of those on hand?
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2 years ago#36
Lv50 Evil Smasher, purple maliwan relic, or purple smg damage siren mod?
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2 years ago#37
I have all those except for low lvl guns I only have level 50's sorry message Gt: Hard Af Doe
For what you want Toodles(;
2 years ago#38
do you have all the variants of the chopper and the B**ch? or just any awesome smgs in general?
2 years ago#39
Akkurate chopper
Greasy chopper
Fire fire chopper
Corrosive chopper
Hevy chopper
And the nassty choppers
And yes I have all those smg's (:
2 years ago#40
watchu want? if i have it ill try and give it up xD
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