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User Info: donniedarko85

4 years ago#11
Any of you guys by chance have a DP Harold?
GT - Johnnytrulove85


4 years ago#12
regornam posted...

Sure, invite me to game (Ogami Itto). All I ask is for a chopper if you have one.

I think I want to send you a friend request just because of your GT. I read all 28 volumes annually, ever year, since Dark Horse started releasing them. I hear rumor that they will soon be releasing the sequel.
See the Turtle of enormous girth, on his shell he holds the Earth.

User Info: plagoy

4 years ago#13
Just reading the messages if anyone could drop/dupe a Evil Smasher I prefer playing
Solo and getting my ass handed to me by Raid Bosses I'll be sitting in Sanctuary

thanks for the help GT titopab

User Info: Suicidal_Link

4 years ago#14
About what level is the Smasher that you have? Or someone else that might be able to get me one?
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