I'm bored...gonna dupe everything I have...5 characters of rare stuff

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4 years ago#1
Here is your mission should you choose to accept it. Get together a party of three making room for just me. Once you have done this, the FIRST group to send me a message will get a response for an invite and I will proceed to start dumping 4 mules worth of stuff (And I'll even come in on my main just to make sure you don't miss anything). After this, you and your friends can figure out who gets what or determine what you want to keep since you won't possibly be able to hold everything. If I don't respond to your message it's because you weren't first, simple as that.

What you will be getting:

Every legendary item in the game at level 50 (with multiple variations of each)
Seraph weapons (don't have a lot of these because they suck)
Sought after rares (Redundant Fibbers of every element, bunch of different relics, etc...)

What you won't be getting:

Evil Smasher (haven't needed it)
Maliwan Relic :(
Heads and skins (I equip everything I get and dump the rest)

If you don't have a party that you normally play with or they aren't on right now, use this thread to get some people together. I don't expect this to take long so get on it!

Also, IF YOU ONLY NEED LIKE ONE THING, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS! I want this to be a huge buffet for someone and not a "cool, I finally got that caustic Fibber I always wanted" because that's a waste of my time since I'm going to be dashboarding no less than 4 times. Thanks for understanding. :)

GT: KRILLLN (3 Ls in a row after the i)

P.S. If I join and you don't have three people you get nothing! :D

P.S.S. I MIGHT do this twice but the contest will start over and I'll post in here when it starts again. It won't be the next person that writes me after the winner.

4 years ago#2
LF Group GT: monsieur FoXx
4 years ago#3
Why do we have to have a group. I want everything for myself.
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I'm on one.
4 years ago#4
Because you can't possibly hold 5 characters worth of stuff on one character silly. Even with 3 the group will be forced to leave things behind.
4 years ago#5
I can !!!!
4 years ago#6
Oh yeah, forgot about the bank glitch. Still, my offer remains the same.
4 years ago#7
and if noone except me and this guy will post u will do it ?
4 years ago#8
Two down, one to go!
4 years ago#9
I'll join a group if I can snaggle a lvl 50 leg commando mod
GT: Mephetran87
4 years ago#10
anyone here ? we r 2 just 1 left
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  3. I'm bored...gonna dupe everything I have...5 characters of rare stuff

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