Good combos (skill, items)

#1captain_tylorPosted 1/26/2013 12:24:11 AM
What skills and/or items work exceptionally well together?

Some examples:

Money Shot + Shotguns (or some other guns using multiple bullets)

Vladoff snipers + Salvadors skills = damage of snipers, everything else of smgs. Vladoff relic reducing recoil recommended.

1shot1kill + Killer + Shotgun/sniper = oneshot spree

Reaper + Shotgun/sniper = same

Kinetic reflection + COM with +5 to it = bullet immunity, enemies committing suicide

Anarchy + Torgue shotguns = bloodmist

Sharing is Caring + Flame of Firehawk = flying continuous explosion with claws

And, ultimate combo:

Converge+Ruin+Chain reaction+Wreck+Flicker+Moxxi's SMG or something with splash damage = crowd vaporiser