LV50 Damage output, Orange vs Blue

#1enabler118Posted 1/26/2013 12:16:55 PM
I'm wondering if Legendaries are naturally better than unique blues at level 50 in terms of raw damage? I ask because I have a lv 48 Blockhead that kills the lv 50 legendaries that I have. examples below, vs LV48 Target Practice in Sanctuary.

Royal Blockhead (48)
3720*9 (33480) (+50crit, but shouldnt matter on torso shots)
Torso (no Bee): 108K-158K
Torso (with Bee)L 1028K
Head (no Bee): ~199K-258K
Head (with Bee): 1175K-1306K

Practicable Conference Call (50)
5463*7 (38241)
Torso (no Bee): 55296
Torso (with Bee): 120k-140K
Head (no Bee): 87715-103K
Head (with Bee): 267K

I'd definitely like to look at this in more detail, like with a lv50 blockhead vs Lv50 Heart breaker, or 50 Teapot vs 50 Hornet. (I have none of these)

Thoughts? Have any of you guys found a non-Legendary that whoops a legendary's ass?
#2PanopictonguyPosted 1/26/2013 12:31:23 PM
So It's rarity vs rarity and not manufacturer vs manufacture? One you're comparing a Hyperion gun to a Tediore gun. Second you're comparing a non elemental gun to a fire element gun. The dummy is flesh so fire does double damage. On top of the special projectiles exploding on impact dealing something like an additional 80% damage per pellet.

Colors = rarity not power. The rarer the gun the more crazy the gimmick. It's not necessarily a power increase over other weapons.

Also a conference call wouldn't be able to hit that dummy with every single pellet so you're not even seeing the full damage potential.
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cool, thanks! really good info, I didn't even think about some of that.
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White and greens always seem to be weaker in my game. You can get blues and such with higher damage, compared to say a purple. But a perfect white gun doesnt compare to a perfect purple.

Basically, a crappy blue can be worse than a perfect green.