Best gear for tank gunzerker

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3 years ago#1
As topic states
Let's roll
3 years ago#2
I go with 2 sandhawks and 2 fibbers. As well as sham shield. He is a beast.
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3 years ago#3
Invest In all the health regen skills in brawn skill tree. Find an Altered Beast class mod preferably blue. Yes blue. With +6 Sexual Tyrannosaurus, manufactured by Torgue. I prefer a +50% vitality relic. Use a neogenator shield. As a last resort, a Leech grenade mod.
3 years ago#4
i go with a tank or titan class mod, personal pref really, with +6 to hard to kill for more health n regen n +5 to im the zerker for 40% kill dmg resist, a rough rider shield for more health n 20% dmg resist, a resistance relic for another 21.6% dmg resist and ele resist and most points in the brawn tree just enuf in the middle tree to get zerk duration n stability.
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3 years ago#5
His Bus That Can't Slow Down skill helps counteract the speed penalty from the Fabled Tortoise or Hoplite shield, even better if you have the Legendary Berserker class mod. Combine that with the Rampage tree for Last Longer and Yippee Ki Yay.
3 years ago#6
3 years ago#7
-Rough Rider / Neogenator for Shield
-Vitality Relic (+50% Health)
-Legendary Gunzerker or Altered Beast
-O Negative Grenades / Leech

I put everything in Brawn except for 15 points which go on Inconcievable, Filled to the Brim and 5 Shots or 6.

It's a boss killer set-up. I've never lost to any boss because of the ridiculous health regen.
3 years ago#8
You could use a shredi(although they are hard to get hold of)A ravager and either a sham or a black hole.A hp relic too.
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3 years ago#9
^ Wtf
3 years ago#10
You should never use a shredifier. They are terrible, especially on a zerker.

Rubi is, by far, the best piece of tanking gear in the game.
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