Funniest Quote in the Game?

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4 years ago#11
I think someone said "I'll wear your face like a condom!"
4 years ago#12
Claptrap at the beginning - "Your ability to walk short distances without dying will surely be Handsome Jack's downfall!"

Many more, this just came to mind first
Cowboys & Mavs
4 years ago#13
I like "tell my wife... she's a b****" as I think a Hyperion engineer dies. And of course "bring me a bucket, and I'll show you a bucket!". And ANYTHING tiny tina says. But then again I love HAWP.
Hi, IAmDJNinjaStar.
4 years ago#14
One thing Handsome Jack implies and then goes on to say after a pause: "Dicks, yeah I mean Dicks."
4 years ago#15
"Hey buddy, it's me Roland. How about we kill Handsome Jack and then we can all go out for milkshakes"
4 years ago#16
I'm sorry if I get the quote wrong... It's in the Moxxi quest "Hell Hath No Fury" and part of it is also considered inappropriate by Gamefaqs, so it's a bit censored...

"Well, I can understand, I'd be pissed too if I went from eating prime rib for free to choking down hamburgers for cash, you know what I mean?" "D**ks! I'm talking about d**ks!"

It had me going between laughing into a pillow, giggling and regular laughing for about half an hour or so.
Spell card! Diamond Will ~ Unbreakable Determination!
4 years ago#17
The whole world's tiniest Violin thing that Jack does after Bloodwing dies.

Random Bandit - You're gonna be my new meat bicycle!
Crazy Earl - Who told you 'bout this place, I'll kill 'em!
Steve - Heyoo!

And basically everything Mr. Torgue says.

Right now, you're ranked fifty in the badass leaderboards, which puts you behind my grandma but ahead of a guy she gummed to death. IT TOOK SEVERAL HOURS.


You may have noticed that everyone here is trying to kill you, Torgue personnel included. You're WELCOME. I didn't want you to get bored so I was like, F*** it, give everybody guns! We've lost like half our workforce in three days, but who gives a F***!?
Bossanova - Blue Bossanova
4 years ago#18
the whole butt stallion dialogue. the claptrap dialogue at the end of the storyline with the stairs. anything torgue said. the torgue/moxxi commentary together. and much much more
4 years ago#19
The entire diamond pony conversation was hilarious.
4 years ago#20
Crazy earl eating an entire car... with a spoon and stuff
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