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4 years ago#11
aaadak1lla posted...
Insnuswetrust posted...
Yo dawg can i has sum gunz?

Can I "has" some improper grammer?

Get it, "grammer"!? Ha
4 years ago#12
Hey man, if you have a Bee, Maggie, Hawk Eye, Infection, and/or Evolution, please let me know. :D
>X< Leader of The Dream Team >X<
"A game moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and teabag once in a while, you could miss it."
4 years ago#13
I wouldn' t mind taking a look. GT below
Xbox360 GT: PrisonedJASON
4 years ago#14
If you are still doing this I wouldnt mind some stuff if not no big deal just trying to get back into BL 2, was way more involved with game and community during BL 1 then life happened

GT: Stith00
4 years ago#15
Anything still up for grabs?
"It doesn't matter if the game's good or not, it's our sales that define us."
4 years ago#16
Sorry everyone it is over. But I will try to hook the last couple people i saw post up. PS If anyone has a twister i still need one
4 years ago#17
Scratch that just got one
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