A genuine question for people who dupe and/or powerlevel

#31FartjokePosted 1/29/2013 5:39:07 AM
I have done it and received it in the previous title and I won't deny wanting to do it in this one.I am seriously considering getting my Axton and Maya power-leveled. I enjoyed playing through the story-line and experiencing the game as a whole, but my true love in any game is reaching the end-game, forming builds, and playing the game at max level with great gear. I have no desire to play through the game with the two characters mentioned because I won't find satisfaction in playing for such a period of time with them. Axton is plain boring and while Maya is exciting, I'm simply impatient and just want to get to the end-game with her because of how exciting she is to me. I played through the game with Salvador and Gaige legit through and through. Got 90% of my gear myself. I have traded an ungodly amount of times to get the exact gear I wanted, to form the exact builds I wanted. Some of these were duped for me, some of them weren't. I haven't received huge duping piles, just a single item here and there and I'm fine with that. I'm even fine with duped items, but I'd rather get the item first myself then try and get a better one. If that fails, I'll search for someone to trade with. I'm a generous person and would dupe items to other people, but with restraint. As for friends or family that play the game, I'll provide them with any gear if they so please. I'll respect their wishes if they want to get something their self and I'll stop pressing the offer upon them.

In short, I do both things, but in small quantities. I enjoy the game legit and even with such so called cheap and cheating tactics, as like I said, my enjoyment comes from the end-game.
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