Best skill in the tree day 1: Guerrilla

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2 years ago#11
AlleRacing posted...
Polls are limited to 10 options, in order to list the 11+ skills in some trees, I would have to split it up into two different topics.

That stinks. You could than run a mini poll asking people just vote what skills least useful to get it down quickly or make 10th slot other skills left out by pollster but people can write the skill in as a vote to be counted.
2 years ago#12
SuprSaiyanRockr posted...
Do you reckon there's a chance that a final skill won't win every poll?

Actually I do. It depends on peoples style of game play. For the siren I like to snipe but would never build all the way down that tree because I also run and gun. Some skills are not the best in the trees if one really looks carefully because they may be cancelled out a person's place style.
2 years ago#13
Just isn't a turret without the rocket pods, to me.
It's raining
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  3. Best skill in the tree day 1: Guerrilla

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