With the Evil Smasher exploit..

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longnuts posted...
Eh, it's just habit to use a corrosive against loaders and fire against flesh.

One of them has a scope and the other does not.

So irrelevant!
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Okay so....3 things:

1) Are you guys aware/cautious of how high you "smash" your infinity up to? If you watch the magazine size by the way, it's a very good gauge of how powerful it's up to. I generally, if I'm solo'ing Hyperius, I wait until my mag size is at least 120 if not 175. If I'm doing co-op, but killing him alone, I need at least 240-280.

**The higher you go, the more chance your game will freeze, lag, and even glitch negatively** (Don't chance going any higher than 350ish, and theres more probability it'll glitch and lag and freeze if you're doing co-op with friends who are also doing the evil smasher glitch).

2) I really hate doing the evil smasher exploit when I'm not trying to farm a raid boss solo. I feel like it takes away from the game, and all of the fun stuff like character building, gun selections, shields, class mods, relics, etc.

3) Are you aware of the Vladof infinite ammo exploit? And.....how I've figured out how to "dual glitch" BL2 to use the evil smasher exploit *AND* the Vladof infinite ammo exploit? ;-)
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Lol, you need your evil smashed infinity to be a good evil smashed infinity to kill hyperius? You must be atrocious at this game.
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DevilazerV1 posted...
Well you do as you wish with your game that you spent your money on; I feel like experimenting with something the testers missed and will probably be patched shortly.

Are you sure? Sometimes I think those broken combos/weapons are in game by design

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I need it smashed to a certain level so I can kill him quickly, before his shields go up, minions appear, and so I'm not on top of him.

I can use a less powerfully smashed infinity, but it'd take more time. When I'm solo farming him with the exploit, *TIME* is key.

I make my infinity THAT powerful, so I can stand in front of the gate, zoom in and kill him. And then quick run back in so he can respawn in the middle again. I can repeat kill him incredibly quickly that way. There's no need to have a less powerful infinity and not have it so easy.
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Try it with the Unkempt Harold. The accuracy boost keeps all the projectiles close so it's very possible to have all the shots connect on the raid bosses at once. It killed vora in half a second. He didn't even get his shields up before he died.
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#17drj898Posted 2/5/2013 10:09:16 AM
That sounds good....I'm actually waiting for a item of the day in a Torgue vending machine for a Harold anyway. So I'll try smashing that and see how that goes.

Usually I need to smash my infinity up to like 175ish so I can kill him before his shields go up, and send his minions out. That, and I can just run back in and let him re-spawn.
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I can only smash up to something like 103 on the Infinity. I don't know how you guys are getting over 200.
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StormWolf12 posted...
Lol, you need your evil smashed infinity to be a good evil smashed infinity to kill hyperius? You must be atrocious at this game.

because killing something you need to get a what you want 300 times is so much better when it takes a few minuets as opposed to a few seconds.

can't get a build without good gear, get the gear faster then you'll have more time to enjoy and play with said gear.
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Has anyone tried this with the chopper? I bet that would be wild, burning through 1000+ bullets in a few seconds
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