Anybody need an Infinity?!?

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4 years ago#1
Send me a message, we have plenty... Too plenty..
Gt: UmmQueStionMark
4 years ago#2
I'll be on in like 15. just waitin for some DLC to finish downloading. can you wait that long?
4 years ago#3
Yea sure
4 years ago#4
thank you! i don't have anything of value to trade in return tho...
4 years ago#5
Would I be able to join in on this as well?

GT: ShinkuTear
Spell card! Diamond Will ~ Unbreakable Determination!
4 years ago#6
I'm eating right now, but ill get to everybody eventually
4 years ago#7
What are your gts?
4 years ago#8
Hello everybody, I will be distributing the infinities, we have them in all elements so pick your favorite and send my GT a message for an inv. I'll explain the duping process once you're in the game. Its preferred if you have a mic but text can also work. We can only do one person at a time so I ask that you be patient. GT: s boo11
4 years ago#9
You still Givin out infinites s boo11? Just sent you an invite.
So big, so angry... so dead. GT: Xavirez95
4 years ago#10
Pretty busy, but we are still doing it.
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