Free Loot

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User Info: aaadak1lla

4 years ago#1
Killing Hyperius, take anything you want. Post gt below.

User Info: cookietheif

4 years ago#2
Can I tag along even though not 50? Pretty sure he'd give my siren some good exp. GT is Keijho.
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User Info: minsterXYZ

4 years ago#3
Would join you but don't have room to download DLCs on my xbox, my friend has a harddrive so I play em there. We will join u if I wind up there today.
Gamertag xXGunx4xH1R3xXx

User Info: powerslave855

4 years ago#4
If your game is still up


zero not O

User Info: skaggz

4 years ago#5
I'd love to get in on this!!!

GT: Phaldar

User Info: aaadak1lla

4 years ago#6
Sorry everyone im stopping for now

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