What to farm next?

#1CORNBRE4DPosted 2/2/2013 10:52:45 AM
Quick backstory...

I was rather lucky, when i beat the game the first time I got a slag Conference Call from the warrior on my Salvador.

I got a corrosive pitchfork from terra too and those were the only legendary's I have had.

On my mecro I went and farmed
- Black Hole from rusty
- Shock Storm nades from Ninja Turtles
- Hellfire from Scorch
- Nasty Surprise from random chest
- Maggie from Zaphord

And they all seemed very easy to farm, boss wasn't a long walk or very strong which is probably why I have had success. Got these in about 3 days and farmed each from as low as 15 mins (maggie) to 2 hours (black hole).

What else are some less frustrating to farm awesome weapons I should try?

I really want a slagga, I'm willing to trade it for my Maggie because I can easily farm another.
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#2Testsubject35Posted 2/2/2013 10:57:58 AM
I didn't have a hard time farming Mobley and Gettle for their legendary weapons, i forget who gives you what, but I ended up with 3 White Death Sniper Rifles, no Veruc though.
#3Argyle_GargoylePosted 2/2/2013 11:05:18 AM
Mobley (veruc) and gettle (white death) are easy farms in the dust and are usually pretty decent as far as drops go. You can always do yhe whole dust run and hit the zaffords, mobley/gettle, mcnally (hammer buster) and the black queen (nukem)

I always suggest people farm knuckle dragger and get themselves a hornet. Super easy farm and the hornet shreds anything armored

The bee from hunter helmquist is a pretty easy farm as well. Sometimes he drops it super fast, and setes he holds out, but hea easy to kill and right by the spawn location

Id say try for any of those.
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#4Jambi_ManPosted 2/2/2013 11:12:54 AM
Here are some quick to farm bosses....

These 3 are all in one stretch in the fridge >
Laney(Gub), smash head(sledge's), rakkman(Gunerang). Start with laney, then keep going thru the rat maze.

Knuckledragger for the hornet(great gun)

Boom/bewm for bonus package grenade

Madame Von bartlesby(babymaker). In tundra express.

My favorite is the gettle/mobley combo. They seem to have a good drop rate, and they're together, so it's a two for one shot. Mobley(veruc). Gettle(white death)

Don't mess with McNally(hammer buster). He will drive you crazy. I hate that A-hole.
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#5CORNBRE4D(Topic Creator)Posted 2/2/2013 12:51:47 PM(edited)
Thanks guys, I'm going to start with Knuckle dragger for now and head to all these fantastic responses.

edit: Got the hornet now heading to the dust
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