hLF 40k+ capacity Evolution shields

#1Linkmaster2k3Posted 2/3/2013 11:04:30 PM(edited)

What I have for trade:
Alkaline and Inflammable The Bee (both same stats and 46k amp damage)
Fire, Corrosive, Shock B*tch's
Critical Conference Call
Fire Infinity
Fire Plasma Caster (Maliwan)
Shock Blaster
Maliwan Relic (30% damage 24% fire rate)
Hyperion Relic (30% damage and I forget how much accuracy)
Dahl Relic (53.5% reduction to both recoil and burst delay)
Evil Smasher
Sand Hawk with a scope, no element
Perfect Legendary Siren Class Mod
50% HP relic

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