LF Twister and Boom Hammerlock DLC. Tons of heads and legendarys.

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User Info: ReclusivHearts9

4 years ago#1
Hi, if anyone can dupe me the Boom rocket Launcher or the Twister shotgun i would gladly dupe you anything i currently have.

-Hard Evil Smasher
-Purging Infinity (non-elemental)
-Murdering Slagga
-Stiff Unkempt Harold
-The Sham (94%)
-Lobbed Meteor Shower grenade mod
-Breath of the Seraphs
-Practicable Interfacer
-Two Fer Maggie
-Parataxis Norfleet
-Critical Conference Call Slag x5
-Corporate Plasma Caster Fire
-Ti'Kope Elephant Gun
-Fast Bullets Chopper Slag
-Sir Hammerlocks Damned Cowboy
-Sidewinder Hydra
-Skirmish Sang Hawk
-Redundant Fibber (non-elemental)
-Redundant Fibber Shock
-Redundant Fibber Corrosive
-Legendary Berserker Class Mod
-Big Boom Blaster
-Flame of the Firehawk
-Whisky Tango Foxtrot
-The Bee
-Black Hole
-The Rough Rider
-Bladed Tattler
-Auditing Invader
-Barking Volcano
-Ruthless Mongol
-Wyld Ass Madhous
-Cartel Pitchfork Corrosive
-Hefty Plasma Caster Shock
-Homing Corrosive Corssfire
-Longbow Fire leech
-Klook Hawk Eye
-Resolute Lead Storm
-Expeditious Infection
-Vengeful Infinity fire
-Rustlers Striker
-Deft Emperor
-Lucid Hellfire
-Skookum Skullmasher
-Legendary Hunter Class Mod
-Action Logan's Gun
-Resolute Shredifier
-Rightsizing B*tch
-Baynetted Gub
-Sunny Blockhead
-Legendary Siren Class mod
-All 4 Vault Veteran Head customs
-Handsome Jacks mask
-Homing Fire Bee
-Blast Proof Hide of Terramorphous
-Grounded the Bee
-Blast Proof Fabled Tortoise
-Extendified Gub
-Deep a Nukem
-Large Bunny
-Rigerous Kerblaster
-Deep Veruc
-Cartel Pitchfork
-Super Gunerang
-New and Improved Deliverance
-Zammechat White Death
-Pertinent Pyrophobia
-Surgical Pitchfork
-Razor Hammer Buster
-Practicable Conference Call x7 (non-elemental)
-Big Badaboom
-Lovely Corpse Head custom
-XXX Head custom
-Digitized Death head custom
-Metal Blood head custom
-Attack Seraphim
-Rubberized Bouncing Bonny
-Proactive Actualizer
-Severe Shredifier
-Brisk Plasma Caster corrosive
-Cohesion Longbow
-Fwap a Creamer
-Sticky Homing O-negative
-Longbow Pandemic
-Explosive Nasty Surprise
-Lobbed Bonus Package
-Longbow Quasar
-Explosive Fastball
-The Transformer
-Alkaline the Bee
-The Cradle
-Fabled Tortoise
-Deep a Ahab
-Double Penetrating Devastator
-Scalable Conference Call x7 (shock)
-Vengeful Infinity Shock
-Guaranteed Babymaker
-Corrosive Kitten
-Redundant Fibber fire
-Vengefull Infinity Corrosive
-Longbow Stormfront
-Legendary Soldier Class Mod
-Skorry Patriot
-Akurate Plasma Caster Slag
-Redundant Fibber Slag
-Skookum Cobra
-Incendiary Greed
-Special Edition: Private Eye
-Admiral Asskick
-Til Death Do Us Part
-The Baron
-Special Edition: Snowblind
-Space Knight
-Extra Large Retcher
-Sledges Shotgun
-Practicable Conference Call Corrosive x7
-Evisceration Thunderball Fists
-Social Slow Hand
-Close Quarters Hornet
-Practicable Conference Call x7 Fire
-Rolling Thunder
-Legendary Mechromancer Class mod
-Kawaii Killer
-Special Edition: Clean Shave
-Gh0st Head Custom
-Chopper Topper head custom
-Pretty in Pink Head custom
-Nutz and Boltz
-Grease Monkey
-d00med Head Custom

Thanks and send me a message as soon as possible.
GT: ReclusivHearts9

User Info: creamygoodness1

4 years ago#2
Ok deal I have a few twisters for you JREDQUEST GT
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