anyone want to help with pete the invincible?

#1JediBoB101Posted 2/4/2013 2:37:35 PM
GT in sig, just trying to beat him for the achievement right now.
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#2THREE6KILLAH77Posted 2/4/2013 3:30:42 PM
I can help. Matter of fact he will get smoked super quick. any electrical weapon works best. I usually slag him first with the slagga smg they use the electric infinity weapon or if you have the thunderfist pistol that's even better. The best weapon that I used against pyro pete is the pink electric lead storm which inflicts massive damage, again you want to slag him first.
#3Overlord_GoAtPosted 2/4/2013 3:32:19 PM
I can help out bro. My GT is in my sig.
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