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4 years ago#1
Me and a few buddies are getting owned by Hyperius and others..
Our team is Zero/Mechro/Siren maybe we just suck? haha

Maybe legendary shields/relics would help?
Probably best would just be the Evil Smasher, for the glitch in case we just give up..

GT is HitokiriAce
message me, and i'll have you join if you can help...

4 years ago#2
Can anybody just dupe me an Evil Smasher?
4 years ago#3
Shoot me an invite and I will Evil Smash the s*** outta Hyperious. I hate him and he must die.

GT: Ringlercorp
NOPE! It's just Chuck Testa.
4 years ago#4
I would love to watch you do that, but could you just dupe me?
Sorry if that's lame.. but...
My buds won't be on till later, and we're running through the game together. :)
4 years ago#5
i need the evil smasher too... i got tons to offer in return... all legendary shields, and baby makers, conference calls, norfleet, etcs


I Doc Chaos I
Gamertag: Budda Kupp
4 years ago#6
This is just exasperating.
Gamertag= H Panic22
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