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3 years ago#1
Want to make a new character after i reach 50 on assasin whos better? And can anyone help me reach 50 currently a level 42
3 years ago#2
Would you rather be an engine of destruction or control the battlefield? That's the defining characteristic of each character. Salvador can crush wave upon wave of enemy with relentless damage while health regen and second winds keep him going. Maya can incapacitate or dominate enemies, res from a distance, and spread elemental DPS all over the place. Which one sounds more fun to you?
3 years ago#3
Hmmm? Well since both are well equipped for battle a better wuestion would be which has a more growing skill tree in all round battlefield tactics?
3 years ago#4
I love maya. Nothing is more satisfying than melting bandits faces off then sniping your teammate with a res from afar and just being a bonafide boss. Can't say much about sal since he's only lvl 25.
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