Good lord, McNally

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4 years ago#1
Just hit around 600 attempts at this guy and he still hasn't dropped the Hammer Buster. Am I just extraordinarily unlucky, or is his drop rate on TVHM bugged?
If anyone has a level 50 Hammer Buster they'd be willing to trade, I'd be extremely grateful!
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4 years ago#2
The hammer buster has a really low dro rate. Better off making the whole dust run for the maggie/slagga, veruc, white death, and nukem while farming the hammer buster.

Most of those have pretty good drop rates. At least you'll likely get something while trying. And it will nreak up the monotony
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4 years ago#3
PT2.5 Mc Nally has a bugged drop rate. I dont know the number, but its so supremely rare, some people farmed 1-2 thousand kills and got nothing. Even GB acknowledged the drop rate is lower than intended. From Mc Nally at least, a 50 Hammer Buster might as well be BL2's first pearl weapon.
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4 years ago#4
I've fought McNally about 1000 times over multiple playthroughs. He dropped me one HB on one of the PT1 attempts. I've fought Pete about 500 times. He dropped me a level 50 Boss HB around kill 300. You're better off going after Pete truthfully. McNally is stingier than Doc Mercy. Plus Pete will drop soooo many goodies on the way.
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4 years ago#5
Try Pete man, I've gotten 2 from him. It's nothin special though
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4 years ago#6
Welp, something to look forward to when my friends and I get around to playing the Torgue DLC. Thanks!
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4 years ago#7
Pete is the better option for sure! He drops crystals, tons of weapons and of course legendaries. I was shocked when he dropped an Akkurate Madhous with a Jakobs scope AND a Legendary Zerker mod at the exact same moment. He can get annoying sometimes, but farm him. Plus you can buy a Nukem in the Torgue Machine found in the bar, and he drops White Death too sometimes. He can probably drop Veruc but im unsure. So the dust is bad after Pete unless you want a specific drop asap.
What is a man?!
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4 years ago#8
Got one off of Pete, don't really see the appeal.
4 years ago#9
Ive gotten it from mcnalley...and who is the other guy? Nettle or something. For some reason they wont spawn anymore. Anyone know why?
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4 years ago#10
I have a Deadshot Hammer Buster that I'd be willing to trade. Do you have a shock Infinity, two Fer Maggie or a evisceration rubi(slag)?
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