Exchange / Dupe of Low Lvl. Legendaries or exchange of low lv. for lv.50 Leg.

#1artvegan83Posted 2/9/2013 10:51:08 PM
Hi, i'm interested in exchange or duplication of low level legendaries... i have some of the following, i don't remeber very well and a lot of good purple and e-tech weapons below level 50.

Gunerang lv. 18
deft emperor lv. 34
Infinity pistol lv. 8
Hornet lv 48
Bee lv.49
Dubble Gub lv. 24
A lv.4 legendary grenade
Some other cool lv. 39 grenade dropped by some guy in sawtooth cauldron

i lost in a duplication a barbed striker level 38 or something...

Some e-tech and some selected purple weapons, assorted but good. I'll give all for any kind of legendaries below lv. 50

My gamertag is ArtVegan83.