Level 50 Law anyone?

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3 years ago#1
I have a couple legendary equips to trade: Ballanced Slagga, Barking Volcano, Legendary Hunter Mod, Practicable CC (Vanilla), Vengeful Infinity (Corrosive) all level 50. GT in sig, I am online now so hit me up!

EDIT: Also have level 40 Filled Law if anyone wants one for a lower level character
GT: MasterKush814
3 years ago#2
What do you want a Law for?

You can farm a level 50 version from the Sheriff of Lynchwood.
3 years ago#3
ill give you one for the hunter mod. you can get one easily enough though.

gt is dontpokesmot21
3 years ago#4
I want it for a melee Zer0. Somone gave me just a vanilla Law, but if anyone else has any they don't mind letting me look at I am always down to compare the stats
GT: MasterKush814
3 years ago#5
I have 2 different ones you can look at. I don't remember the prefixes, but they are both level 50.
Gt: poopfish
PSN: the_fisto
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