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3 years ago#1
I just started a game as Sal and I have to say I am already enjoying it more than my axton or zero. Gunzerking is a blast and his skills all seem awesome!

It has gotten me fully back into the game as my highest level character, gaige, was starting to get stake to me.

With that being said, what is some good gameplay and build advice for a gunzerker play through?
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3 years ago#2
It depends what playthough you are on. If it is the first one go with Rampage or Gun Lust. If you're on the second playthrough make sure to put plenty of skills into Brawn skill tree to help keep you alive.
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3 years ago#3
I actually feel the opposite.

First playthrough brawn gives you great damage reduction allowing you to get up close for your inaccurate hip firing damage, gives you massive damage reduction and health regen.

2nd playthrough that simply won't be enough, you'll need to do more damage, and survive by killing them first. Mid tree primary, left tree secondary.
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3 years ago#4
Rampage is Sal's best skill-tree, imo... I'm in True Vault now with a level 46 and a level 50 Sal (*2 of the same characters since there were different groups of people I play with, so I kept what was originally a low-level version and a power-leveled version depending on who I was playing with), and I've changed both to Rampage primary with a secondary focus in Brawn. With SMGs and Assault rifles, the fire rate increase you get from "Keep Firing" is absolutely actually makes him run out of ammo on some occasions, and you know that's actually a weird thing for him of all people to run out or even get low on ammo. With the health bonuses, damage resistance and regeneration you get out of the Brawn side, along with a HP-boosting relic and certain class mods, Sal can be nearly invincible. The character is so good it almost feels like you're cheating.
3 years ago#5
I have a lvl 50 Sal and I went down rampage first for the ability to basically stay in gunzerker mode and gunlust 2nd. Gunlust has far better skills imo especially for tvhm. The ability to gunzerk while in fight for your life is much needed to continue gunzerking when getting downed. And money shot can be brutal.
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3 years ago#6
You all should try my flamezerker build.
3 years ago#7
StormWolf12 posted...
You all should try my flamezerker build.

Can you post a link please
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3 years ago#8
3 years ago#9
I just got my gunzerker to 50 and started using this build

I cleared campaign bunker in under 15 seconds. I chose a slag rubi and infinity as my secondary set so I could keep doing damage while regening ammo.
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3 years ago#10
I have a lvl 50 Maya, Zero, and Gaige. I just got sal to 30 and started tvhm this weekend.

sal is ezmode so far, I've steamrolled through everything the game has thrown at me, I'm using the middle tree and focusing on extending my skill time and reducing its' cool down.
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