My Commando Build (video with commentary)

#11SinisterBladePosted 2/11/2013 1:13:01 PM
Longbows really are supreme. The effort to learn effective use of them is invaluable. The grenade im always using when we play or breaking things is a stick longbow meteor shower. The grenade is even useful when running. Tag like the overhang of a door or something and keep going, anything in pursuit is in for a big surprise.
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why is the video private?
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deadlyfred posted...
R0880 posted...
Why Duty Calls? It doesn't boost explosive damage.

I don't think Ranger or Nuke are worth it either.

The Nuke does 350K damage to each enemy in the radius of the blast. Usually kills or puts them really close to death.

I may experiment with the Longbow some more then. Longbow grenades annoy me too, I usually throw them too far away to do any good, lol.

I love me some transfusion grenades though.

Seriously dude, you need longbow. Nuke is an awesome skill. Longbow gives you so much more versatility. It makes Nuke an extra very powerful grenade that proceeds to shoot people in the face.

Also, Transfusion grenades are for the WEAK or Maya builds not speced into Harmony at all.
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