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What do you spend your badass points in?

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User Info: FlyingAlligator

4 years ago#1
Shields first. Health second.
Then gun damage or accuracy.

User Info: MosebysRangers

4 years ago#2
Generally balanced across the board.

User Info: xboxBUNZILLA

4 years ago#3
health should be your last option, its such a waste.

User Info: stickboy2323

4 years ago#4
MosebysRangers posted...
Generally balanced across the board.

I have everything at 13.1% or 13.5% right now.
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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#5
Gun damage, fire rate, reload speed
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User Info: kiwimyweewee

4 years ago#6
Balanced so I don't risk my game exploding.
They're not going to say no because of the implication.

User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#7
Shield recharge delay, gun damage, recoil reduction, gun accuracy. Not necessarily in that order.
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User Info: Shmewdog

4 years ago#8
___ Damage
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User Info: jreed1337

4 years ago#9
everything equally.

User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#10
Mine are toward;

+201.3% Fire Rate, Reload Speed, Health Capacity, and -203.5% Shield Recharge Rate.
Allocated for more of a fun challenge (otherwise turned off)
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