Best Snipers in the game?

#11SinisterBladePosted 2/11/2013 6:24:29 PM
Exactly. Never use Hawk at anything before meduim long. Elephant will always be better before that. Hawk is all or nothing, its either godly or terribad, depending on where you hit...

If you take the time to learn it, the elephant is an extremely brutal weapon.
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Kpt_Kapowski posted...
DieRomantiic posted...
Hawkeye has out damaged almost everything ive used. Cept maybe the elephant gun.

only on crit, though. and only if youre specced in such a way that the mediocre base damage gets enough of a boost to make a difference.

Ehh, most ppl use bore/cunning anyways. And you're right, it is crit based but the lyuda, an SMG, or maggie can make up for CQC or those things you just cant crit
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#13SinisterBladePosted 2/11/2013 7:01:07 PM
Harold destroys Maggie since the so called 'Bee' nerf broke 95% of the shotgun type weapons. If your a good shot even Rex does work in close range, but I wouldn't recommend that for most people.
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friendly bump.

This is my next vid. No dual com with my son this time. He was off from school for faculty senate today and wanted to help me... turns out that was a baaaaad idea. Heh.
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Lol, you put me in a sniping mood. Was in the beatdown, my elephant gun is brutal right now. But I got a random idea Im gonna test. Grenade jumping to Son of Mothraak? Probably will fail, but imma try anyway.
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Speaking of trespassers. I could use one if someone feels like trading...or duping.
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KaBoom1322 posted...
Snookum mukmuk(purple)is my favourite sniper.

same. :)
however I will be more then willing to admit that hawkeye will outcrit it by far if specced correctly or amped, but as said before it's hit or miss.

I wouldn't consider the volcano to be anywhere near the best sniper though.