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Hey Ninja!

I don't actually need anything as I previously did what you are doing now, but look out for the following; -

React Teapot
Redundant Fibber
Attack Scorpio
Twin Gwen's Head (found in The Dust)
Ferocious Rapier (DLC#1)
Commendable 1340 Shield
Deadly Bloom
Love Thumper
Ornery Law
Order Shield
Bad Touch
Good Touch
Impetuous Chulainn
Stopping Lascaux (Found in Frostburn Canyon)
Big Roaster
Critical Heartbreaker
Gentle Blockhead (rare drop from the Creepers in the Caustic Caverns. )

Added one for ya ;)

TC this might help you: http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Special_Weapon_Effects_Borderlands_2

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I need skookum tresspasser plz. Gt tha 228 great
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