So I have a spare 800 points, and cannot make up my mind on which DLC to get.

#11TheIastspartanPosted 2/15/2013 10:04:57 AM(edited)
StormWolf12 posted...

This. Whoever pays the full 10$ for an extra class is a moron. Wait for a sale.

Torgue is probably the best overall package, but I like Pirate Booty's story/quest the best.
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I already bought the Mechromancer, and yes, it was on sale.

I decided on Torgue since there were so many positive reviews and comments...And the games humor already has my attention, so I'm curious to find out how hilarious this DLC will be.

Downloading it now. Thanks for everyone's input :)
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Torgue if you play to have fun and love to laugh at the sheer absurdity of some characters. Also gives you access to Pyro Pete who drops the best loot in the game.

Pirate's Booty to get good items like the Sandhawk (and all of it's varieties)
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If you want the best weapons, go with Scarlett. Gives some awesome uniques from quest rewards.
If you want to laugh your ass off constantly, go with Torgue.
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