in terms of new locations, do the 3 DLC campaigns make Borderlands 2 better?

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wondering about impressions overall if people think the 3 DLC expansions make Borderlands 2 much better or not that much.
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In terms of location?

Well, DLC 1 is a whole lot of dried up seas and what not so mostly it's kind of bland to look at but Hayter's Folly (a sub-area you quest through) is pretty cool. Washburn Refinery has some kind of graphics problems or something because it always looks weird on my TV and gives me a headache.

DLC 2 is mostly desert as well. None of the areas are all that cool but I will say that the end part of the Forge (a giant structure where a key story battle is fought) is probably the second best piece of level design I've seen in this game right after Opportunity.

DLC 3 takes place in a mostly swampy locale that is reminiscent of Jakobs Cove from BL1. Of the three DLCs I'd say DLC 3 probably has the best atmosphere.
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