You dupers insulting me are...

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VeritasAbIrato posted...
This probably isn't doing much to dissuade Kabooms little (insert whichever one you like) complex, he set the topic, added a little fuel and now he doesn't even have to troll himself. He has people doing it to each other. Now he gets to just sit back and watch like his own little troll porn channel.

LOL. Everyone posting in this topic should listen to Veritas.
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I am not is you guys who are posting topics with kaboom in the title,therefore you guys are the trolls.
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Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night. Either way, you really dont deserve the attention.
#65chuckleswoodPosted 2/17/2013 10:53:04 AM
I personally don't mind Kaboom's trolling. I think it's pretty funny especially with how many people are responding and creating all these topics in his name.
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That's his problem. He keeps coming to his own rescue to justify his name and topic/argument.

You threw "TIHS" all over it and now will never be taken seriously on any borderlands 2 topic

Dude just go away, Change your name or don't post replies to your name. Simple

Your name is your name and you "DETTTIHS" all over it!!!
Your arms are too short to box with GOD!!!
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Hey Kaboom, my toilet is dirty.......
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BayouJoe posted...
Hey Kaboom, my toilet is dirty.......

This needs to be changed to your new sig.
NOPE! It's just Chuck Testa.
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youngunner2123 posted...
I think that's BS on their part. I do not make video games or code them and I can tell you that they CAN block duping

1. They have a trade window
2. They have vending machines

Now you are wondering what does that mean

Well simple

3. They also have a Y button that LET'S you DROP items

Why would they implement that feature if they already have a trade mechanic of 4 items and money. And vending machines to let you sell undesirable items?

So how is it that they don't know how to stop duping

Ps #3 ironically is disabled when you have a specific mission item
Lol at how stupid and dumb that is

You're one of those republicans who don't think things through before forming beliefs about them aren't you?
The drop feature is there so that when your inventory is full you can drop a weapon you don't want in order to pick up something more valuable.
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For everyone that is bothered by KAboom:

You are aware that its possible to ignore a user, right? If what he has to day really bugs you that much, why not take advantage of that feature?

I think it's all extremely hilarious.

Internet=seriousbusiness though I guess.
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