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2 years ago#21
Oh so I wasn't kicked on purpose. Ha
GT: REdrUM0351
2 years ago#22
yeah and making room for others, two more invites in a few minutes
2 years ago#23
Thanks. Saved me days of farming.
GT: ShruMi
2 years ago#24
Any chance I can get in on this?
GT: FunFunseeker
2 years ago#25
full atm but ill get to ya when someone drops, bout 15 mins
2 years ago#26
Cool thanks
GT: FunFunseeker
2 years ago#27
Any chance I can get a invite if this is still going on/guns around?
GT Sadisticways
2 years ago#28
anymore takers before we shut it down for the night??
2 years ago#29
im in if your still doing this my gt is baddogg209
2 years ago#30
If you do not mind I have two friends that are on and looking for stuff their gt are CHUBBY RAYNE and MrJohnnyBlack.
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  3. GUNS GUNS GUNS GIVEAWAY! Sponsered by KAboom!

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