Since KAboom! likes duping so much, I will give away 278 items.

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partytrev posted...
MechOf17th posted...
partytrev posted...
Was it really that bad? What KaBoom did? I am not on here enough.

-Harassing people who dupe for others.
-Going into other topics harassing people.
-Making threads for attention.
-Calling people casuals to insult them. (lol)

That's all I can think of, really. He brought the hate upon himself, instead of letting things cool down he just makes topics and making things get worse.

I see. Well, I dupe to help people. Keeps it fun for me.

I wont lie, when I play with my friend and we get a really good item I dupe it because I feel we both deserve something we've worked hard for.
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Are you still duping?
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KaBoom1322 posted...
So many of you are trying to draw my attention...

I'm not trying to get your attention. I'm being nice and helping you out. You want less LF topics so I'm giving people anything they want.

I added a few guns. I have a sloth of every kind. I will be back online in a few minutes.
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That's why I hate him, his piss poor grammar. His pathetic, misguided attempt to correct people's play style for a video game doesn't bother me at all. I mean it's a little sad he puts so much effort into something that means literally nothing to the world or really his own personal life, but everybody's need to find purpose somehow.
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Ringlercorp posted...
KaBoom1322 posted...
Their are only a few people who's opinion i care about.However,the more you people post the more i will piss you off.

Is your terrible grammar done on purpose?

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#16Steve0314Posted 2/17/2013 11:22:40 AM
Anyone have a shock Shredifier they would like to dupe me... I here is what I have to offer:

Lv 50 and non elemental unless otherwise specified


Discharge Infinity [Shock]
Swift Shredifier
Fidle Dee Nudkem
Snyper Badaboom [LV 49]
Rocket Speed Bunny
Hefty Baby maker [Corrosive]
Critical Heart Breaker [Fire]
Night Pitchfork [Shock]
Practicable CC
Social CC [FIre]
Critical CC [Shock]
Agressive Slagga [Slag]
Twin Hornet [Corrosive]
Dandy Volcano [Fire]
Earnest Logan's Gun [Fire]
Rhythmic KerBlaster
Potent Flakker
Critical Interfacer [Shock]
Sledges Shotgun
Deft Emperor
Dippity Creamer
Corrosive Kitten [Corrosive]
Onslaught Veruc [Slag]
Scalable Slow Hand [Shock] {That prefix may be wrong. Hard to see on my TV}
Gentleman's Chere-amie
Proactive B*tch
Extendified Gub [Corrosive]
Puissant Norfleet [Shock]
Tiny Tinas Cobra
Sticky Longbow Quasar
Lobbed Quasar
Lobbed Meteor Shower


Sticky Lobbed Bonus Package [LV 48]
Sticky Homing Shock 0-Negative [Shock]
Incendiary Kiss of Death [Fire]
Explosive Fastball [Fair warning. It sucks]
Shock Fastball [Again, sucks]
Longbow Storm Front [Shock]
Lobbed Electric Leech [Shock]


Black Hole [Shock Nova]
Alkaline The Bee [Corrosive Immunity]
The Sham [94%]
Fable Tortoise
Whisky Tanga Foxtrot
The Cradle


Legendary Siren [+5]
Legendary Mechromancer [+5]
Legendary Hunter [+5]


Blood of Terramorphous
Breath of Seraphs
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GT is in the sig
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I have shock shredifier, would you trade the storm front and the sham?
#19Steve0314Posted 2/17/2013 11:27:34 AM
VeritasAbIrato posted...
I have shock shredifier, would you trade the storm front and the sham?

yes... Let me just find the storm front... I think its in my bank.
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VeritasAbIrato posted...
I have shock shredifier, would you trade the storm front and the sham?

Ill invite you.
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