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4 years ago#11
z0mbin3_81 posted...
The pistol Law has a bonus of 100% the shield adds only roid damage and health regen. Captain Blades Rapier has 200% melee. The highest of any weapon.

True but I find that the Law and Order combo heavily out performs the Rapier and any other shield for the simple fact that I can't die when I heal myself with every single hit I land. Otherwise you get rocked and can't take advantage of the extra 100% damage.
4 years ago#12
KaBoom1322 posted...
I'd rather use the Rubi+love thumper combo.

Rubi only gives you 50% melee damage. It's actually used for healing purposes.

You need the Rapier (200%) and Love Thumper with over 30000 Roid damage.
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4 years ago#13
I know it's used for healing purposes.But i'd rather kill slower and live longer.
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4 years ago#14
z0mbin3_81 posted...
Just got the rapier in Scarlett, so far I've one shotted three bosses and a few badasses.

That's what I'm working towards now. That's with the legendary Hunter mod. However I may end up using a blue or purple Shadow Ninja mod.

Additional question to those who may know. Do it matter what level you are when using the Rapier. By which I mean, if I'm 50 and using a 23 Rapier will I not get the full effect of the 200% boost? I know I could just get another in TVHM but I'm wondering.

Everyone is going to have their own builds but imo Killing Blow is the best skill you can possibly have.

If you get a class mod with Killing Blow(ie my mod with 46% melee damage 6KB and 5 Backstab) so it's at lvl 9-11 then you can have 1000% or more damage on those hits. I've landed 5 million and up hits with it before and Killing Blow can't be beaten when it comes to getting 2nd winds. Hell I even managed to finish off Hyperious with it. My whole team got wiped by the end of the fight and he downed me but I smoked him and got 2nd wind as soon as his health got just low enough for KB to activate.

I do get wanting to do more damage consistently rather than the situational advantage of KB but I don't feel like I sacrifice any other skills to add the full 5 into KB. other than maybe Resurgence.
4 years ago#15
The only raid boss I know a pure sniper strategy is Terra (Lyuda + Critical Ascenti0n, camping his spawn points and pounding the eyes)

But I've seen lots of videos of those crazy maniacs jail-raping all kind of things with thumper/rapier/ruby, Master Gee included.

So, melee Zer0 rocks. Wish I have the skills.
4 years ago#16
You've all convinced me.I think i'll stay up all night and lv him up.What lv should i respec to bloodshed?
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