Big Giveaway... Need a host

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User Info: TheLastTrace

4 years ago#12
Invite me if space left please.

Gt= Paralusion

will also host if needed

User Info: I_AeRoDyNaMicS

4 years ago#13
Invite me if there's space open gt in sig
-GT: I AeRoDyNaMicS
"I am lightning, the rain transformed

User Info: bradybonnaviat

4 years ago#14
Pin8all wizard now has a room open. most of this stuff is the best lower level stuff if you're creating new chars, but there are lvl 50 legendaries mixed in and others. unfortunately, i dumped to much stuff on Gor, and crashed his game. Most of that was the best gear for 50s...Sorry gang. Next time I'll spread it out to two rooms.
GT: Shady Bradyz

User Info: Skar_The_Tiger

4 years ago#15
Id like to get in if i still can
PKMN Pearl Shendo friend code: 0344 5998 6902
GT: Wolfner
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