Need help with Xmarks the spot boss

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3 years ago#1
If someone could plz come help me kill this guy because I can't. And if you post get the bee and cc. You should be banned from these forums. Yes I don't have very good gear because I can't get anything good to drop. I'm lvl 42 and on tvhm doing dlcs making the game a challenge for me instead of breezing through it. So if I could get a nice person to come help me and not try and jack all my loot. I will share some stuff from my treasure room but don't want to get jacked for good stuff ya know. So if anyone's bored and would like to help some out plz message me on Xbox live xXBossFight69Xx and come help me kill this guy. I'm a commando and I can't shoot fast enough to get the blue spots in his mouth and on the right side of his face and I have a million worms on me at all times. So plz come help me out. Sorry for the long post.
3 years ago#2
get the bee and cc
GT: SevenDeadIySin
3 years ago#3
If you give me about an hour I will help you with whatever you want. I'm always looking to help and I am not interested in loot. I can provide some hand me downs I don't use but collected over time. gotta deliver wiper blades to the fiancee at work.
Xbox 360 Gamertag: DoS Paper Clock
Will Farm For Food.. </3
3 years ago#4
Yeah that'd be sweet just message me when you get back on. Much appreciated.
3 years ago#5
I will help if you still need it, just downloading latest XBL update and will be online
GT: FunFunseeker
3 years ago#6
Yeah just message me when you're done
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