Any weapons in BL 1 you would like to see reintroduced into BL 2

#41olan231Posted 2/21/2013 2:24:59 AM
I want the Aeris back... That Pearly was awesome.. :(
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#42lordvulcanPosted 2/21/2013 4:34:27 AM
Glorious ogre (Insane Rate of fire, fast projectiles explosive element machine gun. Was made by atlas, killed practically everything in Borderlands 1 in a matter of seconds)

Chimera (magnum that randomly hit with every element type. One hit could be either shock, fire, caustic or explosive a great gun that was really in the spirit of borderlands in its method of use.)
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i'd like to see S&S munitions make a return.
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R0880 posted...

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This thread gave me an undeniable urge to load up BL1, which I haven't done for ages. I never did finish Claptrap Revolution.

On topic, I'm still in the first quarter of BL2 and I hope the Malevolent Stingers are back. If not, I want them. I used my level 49 purple HX 4 more than all of the legendaries I found farming the armory and elsewhere the first time 'round.

No stinger in BL2 which sucks because they were awesome. The SMGs in this game fire so sloooooooooow.

Until we get a, dare I say it, Vladof SMG?
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I'd like some Mashers.
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Ogre and Bessie <3
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Double Anarchy smg.
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