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3 years ago#1
I have a .sav file on my computer, and a USB stick. How do I move the file easily and successfully to my 360?

Do I need horizon? Or is that just for editing files?

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3 years ago#2
Yes Horizon or Modio
3 years ago#3
I can't just drag n drop the file onto my usb stick and shove it into my 360?.....(obviously not...but why?)
GT, and PSN: DrJ898
3 years ago#4
You have to assign your console Id and gamer tag to it

Rehash & resign if I remember was the final step in order for it to be read on your console
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3 years ago#5
Well where did you get the .sav file from? If it is your's from your 360 how did it get on there? If it is a file you got online then you will need Horizon to change it your profile and system for it to actually work on your Xbox
3 years ago#6
First, make sure your USB is formatted for the 360. If it is not, and you currently have stuff on it, BACK THAT STUFF UP. Formatting your USB for Xbox 360, even if it's only a portion of the USB, will likely corrupt/erase anything on the USB.

To format the USB, put it in your xbox and go to memory. It should give you an option to format it for xbox.

I'd recommend making a new save on the USB - you can immediately save and quit once you are at Claptrap. Odds are you'll need to replace the save file itself (which can be done quite easily in Horizon, I've always preferred it to Modio) so you don't really want to overwrite a save that you'll have attachments to. If you want to leave your XBOX on for all of this, I STRONGLY suggest backing out to before even the main menu; I've had issues with modded saves not changing if you stay at the log in screen in times past.

Once you get a save on the USB, open the save in Horizon and click on the second (IIRC it's contents, I'm at work though) tab...there should be a .sav file in there. Right click and select the "replace file" option, then find your PC save and replace the file. Also interesting note...if you want to use Gibbed or something to edit your save, you'll have to extract that file (and later replace it) to modify your save.

ALWAYS rehash/resign before you take out the USB. Horizon has a convenient save to device/rehash/resign buttons on that first tab, so this should be pretty easy.
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3 years ago#7
Your other option, providing that replacing the file doesn't work, is to drag the save file into horizon, replace the Console ID and User ID with your information (you can find that on your save), then rehash/resign and save it to your USB.

I don't have too much experience with PC saves for BL2, but it really depends on the file you got for the save...if it's already extracted, then you'll have to replace it.

If it's not already extracted, you can probably do the drag/drop/replace method.
We know Gavorn's tricks! We leave!
3 years ago#8
Thanks guys. This really helps a lot, although it sounds a lot more confusing than I really thought it would be lol.

First off, it's a ".sav" file I got online, yes. Not one from my 360. I want to put the save file with the character and all associated um..."loot"...onto my BL2 game.

So lemme get this straight: I have to make sure this USB stick is entirely empty, then put it into my 360, & there's a spot to format it for my 360, right? Then begin a new game, say with Sal, since it's a character (believe it or not) that I haven't played with yet, and once I get to Claptrap's place I can save & quit--saving the game onto the USB stick, *not* my 360 harddrive, right? Then put the USB stick back into my computer and copy this .sav file OVER the saved game I just began?

I'm really confused. Where does Horizon come into play? What does it mean to "rehash&resign"?
GT, and PSN: DrJ898
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