Current top items for bosses?

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User Info: Intervigilium

4 years ago#1
So after the nerfs to items, whats the most OP set of items one should try to get?

User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

4 years ago#2
1. Evil Smasher
2. Your choice
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User Info: LifeIsABigGame

4 years ago#3
I think the most devastating combo to have right now (b4 it gets patched) is the evil smasher and infinity. If u want to make short work out of any enemy that's the way to go
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User Info: Jchopper5

4 years ago#5
Are you looking for legit or glitch/cheat ways?

User Info: dankbud

4 years ago#6
Legit it is the bee + either a sandhawk or the redundant fibber

User Info: Ray_MK_III

4 years ago#7
Sham + Norfleet.
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User Info: Traziel

4 years ago#8
Bee+sandhawk. Legit. Deadly.
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