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4 years ago#1
I have a list of about 50 Legendaries & Flavor Text items (Most level 50, but some ranging in levels, which I use for fast leveling), with the exception of Terramorphous's Hide, Valcano, and a small handful of others.

I am currently looking for:
Elemental Infinity (Fire/Corrosive/Shock)
Slow Hand Shotgun
Cobra Sniper Rifle
Hoplite Shield
Pot O' Gold Shield
Legendary Berserker, Siren, or Mechromancer Class Mods.

I have a large list of items (all legendary/flavor items) able to be traded (too many to easily list), and I am just looking for level 48-50 versions of those items listed above. If you are at all interested, please contact me via XBOX Live. No voice chat please, and only contact me on XBOX Live, I most likely won't be using Gamefaqs on a regular basis. - Thank You.

XBOX Live ID: LoneliestDale
4 years ago#2
I currently have all I need for items at this time. Thank you. I appreciate everyone who has given me items & I hope in the future we can do various trades like this in the new expansion or Borderlands 3. :P
4 years ago#3
glad to see someone helped ya out, and that you didnt get attacked on your post.
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