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3 years ago#1
For some reason I'm currently spending most of my not-so-valuable free time farming those damned assassins for this skin, causing me to lose my will to live, my sanity and my faith in drop rates (even more).

All I want to know is: has anybody ever personally witnessed one of these guys drop a skin?

I've only been through the area 171 times so far (that's 684 combined kills for anybody who didn't pay attention in math and requires a calculator to do all the hard work for them.. Like me!), so it's way to early to start waving the white flag.. I'm just hoping that somebody can give me some reassurance to keep going.
3 years ago#2
I posted something like this a while back. I asked what rarity color the skin was and one guy here said it was white. Think the other said he saw it dropped, but it was for the Siren and his girlfriend played Maya so she got it.

Good luck. I got two characters from level 4 to 5 in the "crouching tiger" challenge, besides going through there on different playthroughs, and all I've seen were their blue guns and 7 or 8 Emperors. Also, loot can drop through the floor there. So who knows if one did drop and I never saw it
3 years ago#3
Well it's given me enough reason to keep going.. Although I never thought it would be white! Thanks for that info, ill have to pay attention to white crap littered about the floor more from now on!
3 years ago#4
Humorously, most of the rarest skins are white and green it seems. At least if they are linked to actually requiring a drop to appear.
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