What exactly do people do at 50?

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User Info: RICKmT3

4 years ago#1
Just finished my first playthrough and about to start TVHM but before I do, what is there to do at max level? Aside from the big bosses is there anything else to do?

User Info: KaBoom1322

4 years ago#2
Farm 4 gear.
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User Info: MechOf17th

4 years ago#3
Some days I go around fighting random enemies for fun. When i'm not fighting randomly than I'm farming for better loot. But majority of the time I enjoy facing random enemies than actually farming for countless hours (though I have on many occasion's.)
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User Info: JeffreyVazquez

4 years ago#4
You are no longer shackled to this game. You can move on to another. I did but mainly because none of my friends have the game so it got pretty boring once I stopped leveling up. Hopefully the DLC bundle convinces me to return to play.
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#5
It's still fun to farm equipment, do quests and kill enemies.

You know, all the things that made the game fun that don't involve increasing a number.
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User Info: VeritasAbIrato

4 years ago#6
I like to pick a random place and try to survive with just the gear available in the vending machines and from drops. Its a fun way to challenge your overall skill at the game, also yes farming and helping friends or my fiance get through tougher challenges.

User Info: ToboeAka

4 years ago#7
Farm ALL the things. Kill ALL the things.

User Info: VeritasAbIrato

4 years ago#8
Also depending on how much you like the game you can start again with one of the other char. types and start over but with a whole new play style.

User Info: resealable

4 years ago#9
I get online and fight raid bosses or help people with their missions.
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User Info: Traziel

4 years ago#10
Farm gear is what most do. I already have a stock of weapons Iike, so I just kill enemies. Try different builds while slaughtering Lynchwood or Sawtooth. Or simply help people playing legit get through story or sidequests.

That and waiting for the last dlc so I can finish this game and move on to Dragons Dogma.
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