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User Info: FullMetalMega

4 years ago#1
I'm a lvl 50 Commando and looking for opinions or facts on the stuff I have and what I should improve upon.

Current Health hit-points: 27763
Current Shield hit-points: 62240

5 points to Sentry
5 points to Ready
1 Point to Scorched Earth
5 points to Impact
1 Point to Overload
5 points to Preparation
5 points to Pressure
5 Points to Quick Charge
1 point to Phalanx Shield, Mag-Lock, and Gemini
5 Points to Grit and Resourceful

1st weapon: VLADOF Ferocious Spinigun
Damge: 6654
Accuracy: 88.4
Fire Rate: 9.5
Reload Speed: 3.7
Mag Size: 48
Chance to Slag: 9.0

2nd weapon: VLADOF Zammechat Moloko
Damge: 22177
Accuracy: 95.8
Fire Rate: 8.5
Reload Speed: 3.1
Mag Size: 14
Corrosive Dmg/Sec: 3605.9
Chance to Corrode: 36.0

3rd weapon: HYPERION Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker
Damge: 3922x10
Accuracy: 65.2
Fire Rate: 3.6
Reload Speed: 3.9
Mag Size: 8
Burn Dmg/Sec: 3605.9
Chance to Ignite: 8.0
+50% crit Dmg

4th weapon: HYPERION Social Projectile Convergence
Damge: 5448
Accuracy: 94.4
Fire Rate: 8.7
Reload Speed: 2.2
Mag Size: 39

Shield: PANGOLIN Nimble Turtle Shield
Capacity: 56540
Recharge Rate: 6000
Recharge Delay: 2.82
Max Health: -9556

Gernade Mod: VLADOF Lobbed Fire Burst
Gernade Damge: 30300
Blast Radius: 700
Fuse Time: 0.0
*Continually damages enemies while they are within the gernade's area of influence

Class Mod: VLADOF Auto Gunner
Team Fire Rate: +24%
+5 Steady Skill
+4 Overload Skill
+4Metal Storm Skill

Relic: ERIDIAN Proficiency Relic
Cooldown Rate: +27.8%

I Haven't gotten any of the Story DLC's yet
GT: Dark Guardian88
3DS FC: 1375-7986-1634

User Info: capnovan

4 years ago#2
I would just say find a Singularity Grenade, Lobbed or Longbow. Bunch them up in front of your dual turrets and chew 'em up. And maybe look at a different Class mod, one that synchs up with your skills better. Like a Pointman. It will offset the health loss from your shield, give you more Health Regen and boost Grit and Pressure.
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User Info: nilla151

4 years ago#3
Well the tanking buld you're going for. the only class mod worth using is a pointman. adds to grit. look for something like a +5 to grit. between grit pressure, and the one that increases damage when down. you'll basically never actually die. i use a similer build myself. and it's nigh impossible for enemies to kill me( killing bosses is a pain though)
I got 3 bad touches before I got my first good touch. I haven't gotten a single bad touch since and I spent 2 hours trying for one tonight.

User Info: FullMetalMega

4 years ago#4
Thanks I will try to find a Pointman Class mod then.
GT: Dark Guardian88
3DS FC: 1375-7986-1634
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