LF Dahl or SMG Relic!

#1smoss469Posted 2/26/2013 6:27:01 PM
In game now, GT is same as user. Anyone able to hook me up with 1 of those?
#2smoss469(Topic Creator)Posted 2/26/2013 6:33:07 PM
Can almost drop Pyro Pete but he eventually gets me. Looking for a little more damage with the Sand Hawk!
#3Flow_149Posted 2/26/2013 6:36:35 PM
got any oranges uft?
#4smoss469(Topic Creator)Posted 2/26/2013 7:06:59 PM
Yeah I do, no idea how to dupe them though. I figured out a little cheap trick thanks to YT where I can safely wear him down using the Infinity once I run out of SMG ammo. Takes about 5-6 minutes longer to do it that way but I already have the Vladof relic to help there.