Did they ever actually add a reason to hit max level and get max level weapons?

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Weird I never took Mander for a troglodyte. ICantNameGud or whatever his name is was right about you guys on the BO2 board.

Lol too funny
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No they didnt add any reason whatsoever to keep playing once you have been 50 for around 4-5 hours. By that time you will have what you need to be an absolute weapon of mass destruction without any challenge left in the game.

The lack of end game (HURR DURR RAID BOZZ) gives you basically no reason to keep on farming for anything, there is no new challenge that you need to gear up for in order to conquer it.

Keep in mind that i did get bored of this game before the bee shield nerf, so i did most my farming back then. Ive been sitting on all chars full legendary lvl 50 since sometime last year (no i dont dupe)

However i have also completed every single dlc, max gamerscore and all that jazz. But that is with no new farmed items, so basically what i got 6 months ago is the same crap you are farming now.

Basically what I'm hearing is "I got sick of this game after putting hundreds of hours into it, it sucks"

That's like the people who say Skyrim has nothing to do, then talk about their 300+ hour game save.

I figure that if I can even get 10 solid hours of enjoyment out of a game, that's money well spent.

We are not really the same kind of gamer, i guess from your POV BL2 must feel good. From my POV it doesnt, it lacks the thing i need to keep going. Hence why i stopped and only pick it up once dlcs come out.

Dupers and other morons destroyed the loot rarity, the save and quit farming is also meh.

No real goal to pursue in the end means im not interested.
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