Who drops the knight helmet for commando?

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SinisterBlade posted...
You do not have to SnQ to respawn BNK-3R. I guess he is lumped up in the “raid” group, because if you use the door to exit into Thousand Cuts and then re-enter The Bunker, he respawns.

Yeah, I know but for me, it's quicker to SnQ than to run all the way back down to the down to the door. It only shaves off about 5-10 seconds but on long playing sessions those seconds add up.
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If you're looking for heads, playthrough 1 or 2 doesn't matter, they'll drop at the same rate. If you're looking for his 2 orange drops, then tvhm is the answer if you want them at a high level.

I found him drop heads 1 in 50. I farmed him for a couple days and eventually got them all. Some were on playthrough 1, some on 2.