Doing a gun review of the Evil Smasher... community input on this?

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I think you should invest your time else where. Like reviewing items that can stack abilities depending on how many people equip them. I haven't seen much about those items and how effective their combined bonus can effect the way you play.

Coming soon, actually. We're going to run a team of Banes and Hoplites, lol.

I hope we can get the goat-roper booster shield next!
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Similar to others, ended up selling my first one, and I have one banked now. It's stupid fun to bust it out for farming randomly for S+G' s. As a zerker, I can wreck anything in 15 seconds or less. You have to admit, it's fun to at least try. Just for a chuckle or two.

And I will echo that I think someone should do some testing of 1 Sheriff's badge, 3 Deputy's badge. Sham Shields+ CC's for shotgunners and a Bee+Infinty for the sheriff should be brutal. And if they were all zerkers... >.>
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The Evil Smasher to me is like the Cracked Sash from the previous game, except not as fun reducing. Whereas the Sash kept you from receiving any damage and made the game not as fun. There is still an element of danger with the evil smasher, but it isn't as fun draining as the previous "game breaking" item.

And I sold the Smasher before I left the room with Marcus during the first playthrough because of my hatred towards Torgue weaponry.